Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Email addresses for small business

If you’re a small business owner that emails customers, your email address can speak volumes about your professionalism, your approach to business and your media capabilities.

Don’t use a free Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo email address for your business.

Seriously, you still use @hotmail @yahoo or @gmail?

If you are a small business owner that communicates with customers through a @hotmail, @yahoo or @gmail email address, you should reconsider your options.

People want confidence that the business they are dealing with knows its stuff and can come through with the goods. Shoppers don’t want a business that is out of touch with today’s professional media communications. Representing your business through a free email account such as tells your customers a lot about the way you run your business.

Sure, you could be a business that operates on the thinnest of margins, but you want to give the perception that you are a business that is worth dealing with.

OK, if you don’t have a website, there’s not a lot you can do and you may as well hold onto your free email address.

Getting a professional email address is easy

If you have a website, take advantage of your website hosts capability. You’ve paid for it. These days, setting up an email account to be only takes a few clicks. Your website host should either be able to set this up for you, or at least send you some instructions on how to do it.

What’s your email username?

A username provides customers context. Sure, if you’ve got a small business, I recommend simply having your first name, as it’s more friendly – i.e As you add other users, follow the same protocol, so that consistency can pay off.

But if you operate a larger business, or have multiple users look after the same inbox, it may be more appropriate to use a customer service identifier such as:

Just ensure the username of the email address(es) you use are relevant to your customers’ needs and reflective of the service they want. Also, for sensitive topics, don’t go ahead and create an inbox named either or as this either gives the impression you get a lot of complaints, or confirms to customers that they actually do have a complaint!

Good luck.

When it comes to websites, I can offer you a rebate on the cost of having your own website designed, developed and hosted by a national company based right here in Melbourne. They develop websites from as little as $495, and offer a no obligation, no deposit service where they come to you and discuss your requirements. They will also host your website and provide you with an easy-to-use ‘Content Management System’ for you to make whatever changes you want later on, as well as free 24/7 support by phone and email.

I have negotiated rebates of 20% off their prices and all you need to do is contact me for further details and information.

For further information, contact me below:

David Haigh

(t) +61 (0)3 9885 7688
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About me

I have recently retired after 30 years consulting for corporate clients such as NAB, AXA, IOOF and AustralianSuper. My experience covers website design, social media and business strategies. I am now focussed on providing consulting services to small business.

My services are provided on a voluntary basis, free of charge, and with no obligation.


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