Saturday, August 8, 2015

Business Boroondara Network information

Business Boroondara Network was established in 1999 and is now over fifteen years old and membership totals over 1200 with many different business types represented. Click on the link below and follow the link on the left - ‘Become a Member’ - to join; membership is free.

Networking nights are held on the first Tuesday of the month (6-7pm) at the Blackwood Room, 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell, to meet and connect with other local businesses. Danika Benison (Economic Development Officer (Events and Programs) is happy for you to email her at if you have any questions.

The types of businesses represented within the network are extremely diverse and interesting and many members have gone on to establish valuable business relationships with other members of the network.

Networking is a great way to establish links with other local businesses who can offer skills, goods and services to support the sustainability and growth of your business.

The Business Boroondara Network aims to encourage growth, development and success of small and micro business by:

  • Providing networking opportunities and social interaction
  • Providing information and resources to support your business
  • Providing access to training and mentoring
  • Raising the profile of businesses in the City of Boroondara

If you run a small business, whether you are home based or in commercial premises, then the Business Boroondara Network can help you.

Network Benefits include:

  • Monthly networking meetings
  • Regular events with guest speakers on topics of special interest
  • Sub networks focusing on specific activities designed for sectoral interest groups
  • Regular social functions providing an informal opportunity to network
  • Training Seminars directed towards issues of interest to small business, taught by business people with expertise in the subject.

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